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Web Development

Beautiful, responsive and interactive webpages where your imagination is the limit!

Domain Registration

Registering your domain name is the first step in beginning your online presence. We take the guess work out of dealing with third party providers and ensure your domain is registered and renewed properly.

Web Hosting

Once you have your domain registered, you need server space to host your content.  Once we have identified the right option for your needs, we will mount your files to the world wide web for others to access.


With such a large number of screen sizes, resolutions and form factors, having a responsive website is key. You can feel confident that regardless of what device your customers are using, they are served a high quality visual experience.


We use the latest technology to provide a dynamic and interactive web experience.  Make your website work for you with such tools as contact forms, auto-responders, calendar booking tools and even online stores.

Starting New or Rebuilding An Existing Site

Offering a full suite of web design tools, we are able to help you at any stage of your project.

Graphic Design

Make an impression!

Logo Design

With the power of Adobe suite of products, we can design your next company logo.  We meet with you to define your goals and work together iteratively to produce a design that will serve your needs.

Marketing Material

Design marketing material such as brochures, posters, signs, email signatures, etc.  We can design you a host of themed marketing material.

PowerPoint, Visio and Excel

Experienced in Microsoft Office applications, we can prepare slide decks, flowcharts, graph complex data and script processes with VisualBasic.

Computer Services

For Gaming and Working

Part Selection

After identifying your needs, we work within your budget to select the best compatible parts to provide the best computing experience.

Assembly and Testing

Parts are shipped and assembled with care.  All machines are tested for stability and can come pre-installed with whatever software you require.

Maintenance and Support

Once the computer is in service, we can service mechanical failures as well as perform a variety of backup and restore services.

Electronics Prototyping

Explore a world of automation

Raspberry Pi

One of the most common hobbyist computing platforms, the Raspberry Pi is a small, low cost computer that can be programmed to run a number of applications.  Recent models carry Ethernet and BlueTooth communications capability, HDMI screen outputs, USB and General Purpose Input/Outputs making them a very flexible tool.


Have a more specific use case in mind?  The Arduino platform is another popular option in the maker space world, with the ability to design fit-for-purpose monitoring and logic devices.

Wireless Communications

We have the ability to get your project talking over various wireless communications, including BlueTooth, WiFi, and 3G/LTE technology.

Circuit Board Design

Once a working prototype is built on a breadboard, we can minimize the footprint with inhouse circuit board layout and design. We work with third party manufacturers to physically build the boards.


Need a hardware device to store data, or report data to a graphical user interface dashboard?  With our experience in web development, we can support your integration efforts.

3D Modelling

Where accuracy empowers success

Scale and Accuracy

Modelling to scale allows you to walkthrough or fly around your design in a realistic, life-sized manner. We will work with you to understand critical dimensions to ensure the model reflects the field.

Photo Realism and Depth Perception

We have the ability to render photo realistic surfaces and textures. Adding depth of field allows you to feel out a concept during the design phase.

Interior Design and Landscaping

Specializing in renovation design, we also offer new construction design. We can suggest colour pallets, layouts, finishing and furnishing details.

  • Sample Colours – Easily sample your favourite colours before lifting a paint brush.
  • Layout furniture – Not sure if it will fit?  Scale models allow you to try different furniture orientations.
  • Modify the floorplan – Looking to update to an open concept?  See what it will look like first.
  • Communication – A picture is worth a thousand words.  Ensure your client or contractor has a clear understanding of the scope.

Material Take-Offs

With a scale model, we can summarize key building material quantities, including dimensional lumber, drywall, flooring, landscaping supplies, etc. reducing reordering and rework.

SketchUp 3D Warehouse

Using Google SketchUp allows access to thousands of existing models for free that will allow you to explore furniture options.